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International Association for Christian Educational Accountability
"The Biblical Alternative to Traditional Accreditation"


Initial IACEA Membership Completion:

I. There is Currently NO Application Fee required for submission with your application / evaluation document.   However, plans are being considered for charging an application fee to cover the considerable time required by our advisory staff on the initial evaluation and follow up consultation as well as for processing and handling. So, act now and save the future cost of an application fee.

2. Once IACEA completes your evaluation review, a percentile grade is assigned to your evaluation. If your evaluation results in a grade of 80% or higher, your institution is immediately approved for Full Theological Accreditation. Your institution will then receive a IACEA acceptance document by e-mail. Once you receive your acceptance document, your institution's membership can then be completed through payment of the initial membership fee of just $99 through this website. 

The IACEA Full Theological Accreditation Certificate is awarded promptly, following completion of membership.

Membership Renewals:

IACEA membership accreditation renewal is completed by submission of the IACEA renewal evaluation form through this website. The renewal fee of $199 is required, on or before January 1st,  at the time of renewal and submission of the renewal evaluation form from this website.  A newly dated IACEA renewal certificate of accreditation is awarded promptly following each January 1st renewal.

* All renewal payments of just $199, are to be processed through the online payments page of this website. There will be a $99 late fee for each week that the renewal payment is past due.
Failure to renew within 30-days of renewal date will result in immediate termination and need to re-apply fro IACEA membership, so plan ahead and pay on time. .

* In rare instances, a site visit may be required for institutions that require students to physically attend classes only. Site visits are never required for online educational programs. If a site visit is required, the applying institution is to cover the full cost of travel, food and lodging. A probationary membership certification may be granted prior to the site visit. Legal affidavit supporting safety and condition of the structure, Photographs and Google Ariel view photos of the institutional site, may be considered in waiving a need for a site visit.

Payment Methods:

You can enroll by credit card or secure bank to bank wire transfer.

We accept all major credit cards. You can use the Pay Pal secure server or process your credit card payment by Secure FAX.

To process a payment, go to the Online Payments page of this website.

All IACEA electronic accreditation certificates have a professional  appearance with electronic seal, logo and signatures. The IACEA accreditation certificate should be printed on parchment stock paper and framed for display purposes. Institutions are also authorized to display a miniature copy of their IACEA accreditation award certificate on their institution's website.  You may view an IACEA certificate by going to the IACEA BENEFITS page of this website.

All approved IACEA members are allowed to display their achievement of recognized educational higher standards on the ACCREDITATION page of their institution's website. Furthermore, such institutions can use, promote, advertise and place our Logo along with a pre approved advertisement regarding your institutions membership accreditation with IACEA which denotes fulfillment of higher standards of educational and institutional excellence through IACEA accreditation.

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