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International Association for Christian Educational Accountability
"The Biblical Alternative to Traditional Accreditation"


IACEA is not a traditional accreditation body. IACEA is a INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY ASSOCIATION fulfilling the need for a Christian alternative to secular accreditation, through a process of educational evaluation leading to theological accountability.

All approved IACEA member institutions in good standing, are allowed to display the pre-approved statement of their achievement of recognized educational higher standards on the ACCREDITATION page of their institution's website. Furthermore, such institutions can use, promote, advertise and place our IACEA Logo along with the pre-approved statement regarding your institution's IACEA recognition in fulfillment of higher standards of educational and institutional excellence through IACEA educational evaluation.

Both the pre-approved statement and the IACEA Logo are displayed on this page as a benefit to IACEA members. Members may copy and paste the Logo and pre-approved statement into your website for viewing by potential students.

*If your institution has received the IACEA acceptance document by e-mail and you have completed your membership, you may display these items on your institution's website immediately.

*As a further benefit, you can reduce the size of your certificate document and then copy and paste it into your website for display to all potential students as well.


Certificate of Membership/ Christian Education Accountability
All approved IACEA member institutions are awarded an IACEA professional certificate of theological accountability as a IACEA member in good standing.  The electronic IACEA accreditation certificate displays our IACEA Logo and seal as well as the signature of the IACEA Administrator. This is your third party recognition and can also be displayed on your educational Institution's website on the designated accreditation page.


Logo and Statement of Recognition Display on your Website

Use of IACEA Logo and approved display advertisement

All approved IACEA member institutions in good standing, are provided full rights to the IACEA Internet ready Logo and display advertisement for use in advertising, promotion, and website display immediately after receiving the acceptance document by e-mail from IACEA. Once you receive your acceptance e-mail and complete your membership requirements, you may copy and paste, onto your website, the following LOGO and pre-approved IACEA recognition statement: Just enter your institution's name in the space provided below.

Note: Your institution must be a IACEA Member in Good Standing by having completed your initial IACEA membership and if applicable, your January 1st renewal of accreditation, in order to legally display the IACEA Logo, pre-approved Recognition Statement and Theological  Accreditation Certificate. If your institution is terminated for non compliance with any IACEA requirements, all 3- items must be immediately removed from publication on your website or any other promotional materials immediately upon dated notice from IACEA.

The IACEA Logo:





The IACEA Pre- Approved Recognition Statement:

-Beginning of pre-approved statement-

International Association for Christian Educational Accountability

IACEA Approval:

<Your School Name Here> is accredited by The International Association for Christian Educational Accountability a Worldwide organization for Christian Theological accreditation with the goal of maintaining the highest educational standards for itís member institutions. IACEA accreditation standards are maintained through ongoing evaluation, compliance and accountability. IACEA supports the Biblical principle of separation of Church and state; See Mark.12:17; James. 4:4; II Corinthians. 6:14. To remain consistent with Biblical standards and not the popular liberal and secular positions, IACEA has elected not to seek endorsement by either the EAES or COPA, CHEA in the United States, or any other worldwide governmentally influenced accrediting organizations. IACEA is a rapidly growing and respected network of many schools on the cutting edge of Christ centered, Biblical education. 

IACEA is an international membership association of hundreds of Christian educational institutions. Members must pass a rigorous evaluation process, leading to theological accreditation for their educational programs in accord with Christian educational standards and institutional integrity through initial and ongoing evaluations. All IACEA  member institutions are enabled to demonstrate educational accountability to the Christian educational community. This accountability is demonstrated  through documented evidence of compliance with IACEA standards of structure, governance, material resources, policies, faculty and curriculum. Further information concerning our process of evaluation leading to Christian educational accreditation may be obtained by visiting IACEA at:  

-End of pre-approved statement-


Void where prohibited.

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